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Show All Computer Case Screws.
Interface :  n/a
Speed :  n/a
Operating System :  n/a
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-For - CD-ROM Drive
-For - connect hard drives
-For - Floppy Drive
-For - M3 Nuts
-Quantity 50-pack
-Thread Type - M3


PC Screw Kits
#6-32 Thread Type. (for replacing or adding hard drives to your computer systems)
#6-32 Thread Type Hex.
for replacing or adding hard drives to your computer systems
  • SCREW6_32 - StarTech Computer Screws, Screws #6-32 x 1/4" long (Pkg. of 50) , For attaching PC case cover to PC chassis , For installing I/O plates to PC chassis
Round Head #6-32 Round.
for replacing or adding hard drives to your computer systems
  • SCREW632R15 - StarTech SCREW632R15 Hard Drive Mounting Screws - Round Head #6-32 Screws, 15 Pack
M3 Screws
for mounting any optical drives (CD-ROM drives, DVD drives)
  • SCREWM3 - (round head) StarTech Computer Screws, M3 x 1/4" long (Pkg. of 50) , For installing most floppy drives and CD-ROM drives, For installing motherboard to SCREWNUT M, Head: Phillips, Thread: M3, Length: 1/4" (6.3mm)
  • SCREWM3H15 - (hex head) - Screw kit (pack of 15 ), for mounting any optical drives to your PC chassis. This pack of 15 M3 mounting screws are handy for replacing or adding optical drives to your computer systems, Hex / Phillips
Case Cover Screws
Use to fasten the computer case sides or back to the chassis
  • SCREWTHUMB - StarTech Computer Case Cover Metal Thumbscrews #6-32 x 5/16" long (Pkg. of 50) ,For tool-less removal of PC case cover, Head: Knurled Thumb / Phillips, Thread: #6-32, Length: 5/16" (8mm)


#4-40 Thread
commonly used for installation of external connectors and other miscellaneous hardware in computer cases
Hex Head Fine Thread
  • n/a
Steel Nuts
  • n/a
Nuts -
#4-40 x 6mm
  • none listed at this time
3mm Steel Screws
  • 3mm Steel Screws 24pack - n/a
5x6mm Fine Taper Head Screws
  • n/a
8mm Coarse Flat Head
  • 8mm Coarse Flat Head Screws 24pk - n/a
8mm Coarse
  • 8mm Computer Screws Coarse 24pk - n/a
Coarse Thread Flathead
  • n/a
Cable End Nut
Stud and washer
  • n/a
Case Fan Screw
Case Fan Screws - For installing plastic-framed cooling fans to PC chassis
Security Screws Kit
  • n/a

Flat Cable Clamps




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